I did not get too warm in this, despite it being plush. my husband and i are int he higher weight group, saatva firm turned out to be much better fit for us. The first night gave a faint smell of "new space foam", but alas, like a new car smell, it left quickly.YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY BIG BUCKS TO SLEEP COMFORTABLY!! But it wasn't really necessary. The gathered data passes through filters which make sure that there’s no false claims. The mattress has a medium firm feel that corresponds to a 6 on the 1-10 scale. Check pricing and availability by clicking the button below. This is one of the cheapest ways to enter the high-end memory foam market. Mattress weight comparison and considerations are an essential part of the mattress shopping experience. I took the dive after reading feedback from other people and are so we glad we did! I know what you're thinking, because I was thinking it too. One of the things that we like best about Brentwood Home is that they offer quality mattresses at very reasonable prices. Hopefully I won't have to return or replace the entire thing. Simply put I am a fan.But in this case they failed me.This mattress is incredibly comfortable. Brentwood Home mattress is a USA mattress brand based in Los Angeles, California. If you are looking for a cheap alternative to a Temper-Pedic, this mattress would be a terrible choice. Buy it before it goes up more!! Well, for anyone that’s short on … I wake up constantly in the night wondering if the sandman has taken a baseball bat to my rib cage and back. The moment I opened the package the mattress immediately expanded to 12.5 inch in thickness. After months of sleeping on this "bargain" mattress that arrived via horse (or UPS, whatever), the mattress remained firm but comfortable. The Gel layer on the Brentwood (seems like a quality company) does not seem to produce a "cooling" effect in comparison to a standard memory foam mattress. I usually don't really trust descriptions given on Amazon but this one was too good not to try. While doing mattress comparisons, you’ll see that the mattress durability depends on the materials used. We both wake up achy and grumpy. I replaced a 8 year old Temperpedic mattress with this one, hoping to continue to enjoy good sleep at a lower cost, with an American made product. I did read another review on here that said that had issues with this bed letting their back decompress. I wanted to wait until I had slept on it awhile, and just completely forgot to come back to it. From the in-depth WinkBeds vs Brentwood mattress comparison chart it’s clear that WinkBeds takes the cake when talking about Value for Money. No aches! Then we’ll compare and contrast those results with Brentwood’s natural and organic hybrid created by a … was included so I didn't have that issue. So I've been sleeping on this mattress for roughly ten months now. Since we only present you with real facts and not just marketing claims, the winner is decided fair & square. INFINITELY Better than our previous innerspring. Just as described. One night, restless, two night, restless. Get an Instant Discount for Brentwood Home:   Get Up To $175 Off Select Mattresses. That's what I did so I could order with confidence. I will try and upload a picture later but it is about 7 and 3/4 inches thick.This is less firm than I would like as well. I've had the mattress for about a month now and it is still taking some getting use to. Furniture shopping is an oftentimes tedious and mundane task. If you like a firm mattress, this is ideal. However, after 3 nights or so, I have been feeling great.Fifth, I chose the medium support because I knew my comfort level is around medium to plush-medium. Most of their mattresses are GREENGUARD Gold certified, which is one of the toughest third-party emmissions certifications to get. ;), Well my mattress arrived on May 29, 2014Although I was not pleased with it saying it shipped and did not ship but then eventually shipped.All my inquiries about my order was responded to quickly by the company which I appreciated.Ok now on to the Mattress the mattress is rolled up but the outer plastic is just wrapped around nothing to cutas it starts to open when you unbox it so be careful it don't roll on you :)But after cutting along the seams of the plastic of the enclosed mattress was simple enough and I enjoyed watching the mattressrise from a flat state to a inflated state amazing how they can compress almost anything these days.My mattress arose to a full 13" in no time I did not have to wait days like some reviews I read on it.also the mattress did not smell at all there wasn't any trace of an odor present.The mattress is not hard as I prayed it would not be I would describe it as a medium to a medium firm but at first testing it was nice and soft so I didn't know what to make of it so the best way I can describe it beyond the above is a soft yet firm cradling feel as it does contour to your body.Last night was the first night I slept in it ( No I could not wait ) it was comfy in nice like sleeping in a cloud although when I awoke my hips did hurt slightly but to me that was nothing as it could as well been my Rheumatoid Arthritis but I only put this into the review because they weren't hurting previously but maybe my body needs to get use to a memory foam mattress since this is my first memory foam mattress purchase, but I will say having Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia I did ache less upon awakening.I use to work for a big name company and sold memory mattresses and use to test them myself while on the jobso I do know of them even though I didn't have one so comparing my knowledge of them I wouldn't compare this to an Tempurpedic as I found that brand to be too hard for me no matter what style I testedI would compare it to an icomfort memory foam mattress as I absolutely loved those just was a little too pricey for me.The materials that I could see was very impressive and well done I love the cover and the design of the cover it doesn't look chincy like some would think it might be because of the price this Mattress can go toe to toe with the big named brands.All in All I would give this 10 stars if I could instead of 5because of the prompt courtesy I received from the companybecause of the quality of the manufacturing of the mattress which can be seen and felt. The mattress is definitely not hot, as some people have said. 1-year sleep trial | free shipping & return | made in usa. I love the fact that the cover is washable (regular cycle, tumble dry on low heat)....there have been some no staining spills and I'm grateful for that cover. This is the hardest bed I have ever slept on. The gel topper on this is great, and keeps me at a great temperature. Plus, if a company will ship angel butts for free, you know they're going to be good to work with (which they have been).TL;DR: If you want an expensive piece of upholstered plywood, by all means go to the the mattress place across from that Chinese place you like. Saw niumerous good reviews about other Brentwood products sold at Amazon, but none for the 13" Gel Infused HD Memory Foam Mattress. I purchased this mattress and gave it a full week to expand fully. Brentwood Home mattresses are sold through several outlets. We spent several days, afternoons, evenings shopping around the various mattress stores in the area and dealing with salesmen, CRAZY prices (how many thousand dollars do you have to spend to even get CLOSE to guaranteeing a comfortable night's sleep? I've noticed that all of the cheaper memory foam mattresses have complaints about being too firm. It also takes half the time for the mattress to spring back to it's original shape, which could be good or bad, but doesn't seem to contribute to "comfort". Some are also sold by Costco and Amazon. They have all-foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses on offer. When it arrived it was rolled and compressed in a big box which was damaged here and there but no damage to the mattress. I have prime shipping so of course, seamless delivery. Because it is difficult for me to believe fully in the validity of ALL these reviews I've decided to write my experience with this product.I did a lot of research.I was looking for a box-shipped memory foam mattress under $600. It's firm but I sleep better with firm mattresses. My headaches have disappeared; I wake up feeling rested; and my aches and pains have lessened significantly. The other three layers include New Zealand Wool, Gel memory foam and a ventilated air flow zone. The foam puffs back up when you've left it alone for a bit but you lay on it and after a short while the memory foam just gives. Vous souhaitez acheter un Gulf Stream à Brentwood Bay? There was little smell. I was terrified of switching to memory foam after researching for months, but I slept on it for the first time last night and I am completely hooked. I wish I had bought the 10 inch that was firmer. In our mattress price comparison chart, you’ll see that the price range varies, usually depending on the materials used & mattress size. I was so disappointed in this mattress, with all the good reviews, I was really hoping for something special. I love it! The cool gel seems to work at keeping one from getting overly hot. The edges of this mattress hold their form and you would never guess that it is completely made of foam.So if you have read this far you may be wondering what happened to the other mattress. This mattress has a total of 5 layers, including the cover and the support/base foam. I've found that in the summer to just use 1 cover sheet and no comforter to alleviate the heat that might be harboring in the mattress. I've never had any issues finding sheets to fit it but it's a very deep mattress and adds height to your bed. Due to the insertion of the natural mattress, I and the other customers have an excellent experience to sleep on Brentwood Home mattresses. Leesa Hybrid . Turns out, they're selling sheets of plywood for about 500 bucks now. (2) Oreillers. In less than an hour the mattress was already fully inflated! Well, this mattress, is by far, the BEST BEST BEST mattress that I have ever slept on. They have a wide range of products but they focus mostly on standard and gel infused memory foams, all of them made in the USA. Once snipped, the mattress immediately starts expanding. and the delivery guy calls in a couple days. Love it!!! Brentwood mattress reviews show that the company has quite a great reputation on the market. JUST BUY IT!! The mattress came in the time table promised, and there it was, in a box. I was surprised at how firm a memory foam can be, especially for a big guy like me. Looks expensive in spite of flaws. The Cypress mattress is the most affordable mattress offered by Brentwood Home. Like, if the room is above 75 degrees, the memory foam will actually be softer and you'll sink into it more. I feel like I'm sleeping on the floor. First, Brentwood is not a 'company', but little more than a branding name for this "line" of mattresses, which are apparently manufactured by Springfield Mattress (according to my "Law tag"). It wreaked of a chemical smell like acetone, I have asthma so it was a concern. Our comparison tool makes it easy. We live in a very hot and humid climate and I have yet to even get warm lying on this mattress. Some other mattresses fortify the edges so you don't roll off the edge, or so that when you sit on the side of the bed to tie your shoes or put on your slippers you don't fall off the bed. I am BEYOND thrilled with this purchase. Lying in the middle I initially thought it was just as comfortable as any of my previous beds with the exception of being a bit soft. Me, a 5'2 woman was able to get this mattress upstairs and set it up myself. Finally I closed my eyes and clicked purchase.It has been four months since we got the mattress. Yeah, I've turned the mattress around - more than a few times - but it's no good. I have added the photo of the corners of the mattress to the image gallery. I've receive a questionnaire from almost EVERY seller on Amazon after making a purchase - I now know why I never received one from BrentWood! When my fiancé comes to bed, I don’t get bounced all over, and he doesn’t get jostled during the crazy re-adjusting I do all night (not that I do much of that anymore). As it stands, you should now be able to make your mind up whether or not you would like to try this product provider out yourself. I find I wake feeling sore in pressure areas. Sleeping on it feels like sleeping on a hard surface. This is very effective. If you have been in pain, get woken up a lot by your significant other, or simply just need a new mattress TRY THIS ONE! However, if you are a very warm sleeper or live in a very warm environment, you may need something more specialized. I consider this mattress to be medium to medium firm.. of course this is MY personal opinion. Same thing - couldn't understand why I couldn't get it back in the box. It's going to be a major hassle returning it again, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do. Elite certifications.The cons: There are some that have experienced some durability issues over their mattress life. Slowly, however, my mattress began to sag where I laid, which left a nice hump in the middle and was basically so uncomfortable that I would toss and turn every night. It means that they are tested in environmental chambers for more than 300 harmful chemicals and pollutants. Maybe they hand-sew the tag on or something. There is a smell, but based on my prior mattress this will go away in a week or two. super disappointed. I read reviews, I went to mattress stores in my area and compared features and prices.On April 16, 2014, I had enough money in my Amazon account to make the purchase. or if you turn in the other way, if you get too close to the edge it feels like you are going to roll off the bed. We're not really heavy people, maybe 10% over ideal body mass, but fit, and frisky, and this isn't a mattress for "active" people.I don't recommend it. Additionally, all the website domains for said 'companies' (those that have actual websites... Sleep Shop not being one of them) are all maintained by the same admin, showing further connection between them all. However, I think we could have slept on it the first day. I allowed a week for it to fully expand and air out in the garage. Today we’ll be reviewing two luxury hybrid mattresses, Brentwood Home Cedar and WinkBeds and present you with the features and benefits of both, as well as our personal experience having slept on both of them. Too much noise, too little, too hot, too cold, too many pillows, not enough. Hypoallergenic and hugs n snugs the curves of your body like a cloud, My wife and I are pleased with what we received for the price. Mattress was what I expected. NOTE: They are fairly heavy so I recommend two people to lift. Over the next few nights, I did sleep better though, tossed and turned much less, woke up less throughout the night, and felt 100% better the next morning. We love it. I have rheumatoid arthritis and I'm always in pain, but on this bed I can sleep on my sorest parts and, not only does it not hurt, it actually makes it feel better! Having had memory foam pillows for years (both a TempurPedic contoured one from Bed, Bath & Beyond as well as a couple affordable "Miracle" ones from Walmart) and being able to feel an uncovered sample of the blue "gel-infused" material used on the Big Lots' Serta mattress, I admittedly kind of had at least some 'expectation' as to what the comfort level on this one should be.All that noted, on to the review...Shipping: My estimated shipping time frame was not met, although I did receive a tracking number the day after the stated 2-day time frame, which was a Saturday. !- 1 month update -I am still absolutely astounded that I found this mattress for so cheap. MyBestMattress is an independent, personal project. I was not disappointed in any way by this great purchase. It seems to be fading though and was never very strong.It's very comfortable, soft yet supportive. Simply select two mattress models from the listing below for a more detailed comparison. It is really heavy to rotate and does not have handles so you must have two people to turn (unless you are like super strength.) First Responder Mattress Discount Directory. I would prefer to go to a store and lay on my potential bed. I ordered the first mattress and it literally showed up with a blood splotch (see photo). I would highly recommend this bed. 2" Ventilated Layer is made from Perforated High Resilience Foam with 2.0lb Density and 30ILD4. The mattress comes shrink wrapped and is about 3″ thick. The most responsive mattress is WinkBeds. I have never had memory foam before and it seems when getting out the sides sink. I cannot find manufacturer info on this, except that it's by SleepShop. She unwrapped it and it inflated before her eyes (after she followed the included care instructions). Start typing them here. It was as if some patriotic dock worker had scratched out "China" for his own personal warm fuzzies. I am a student on a budget, so I figured I had two options for buying a mattress: sneaking the air mattress out of my parent's house, or buying a used one. With the CertiPUR seal, I do not question the quality of the foam. I really like this but I think my wife is less enamored of it. One of the things that sets them apart is their focus on quality materials for a moderate price. There is no way an average American sinks to the box springs.Great mattress for the price, like many things in life, you get what you pay for. You can't sit on the side of this mattress. VS. Like most companies, they offer a free option to choose from as well. Unfortunate for me.I looked at the Sleep Science mattress too. There's nothing like a corner of the sheet popping loose in the middle of the night to ruin your night (yes, it's a deep-pocket sheet). Moving and rolling on the mattress has been easy.Fourth, it took me about 2 days to get used to this mattress. It's totally different with memory foam...there's hardly any motion at all for the other person when changing positions! My 2 year-old sleeps like an angel on it but she's the only fan the Brentwood has in our home. Overall it is a nice mix between soft and firm. Being in AZ memory foam has a bad rap because it can be too warm for sleeping. They were still pretty much holding the sides flaps into the end flaps and the entire box had been wrapped about every foot in additional packaging tape along the side that was opening, but I'm honestly not sure whether the latter was the shipper's doing or FedEx. First I received my mattress way before the date promised which is always a plus in my book. Check our WinkBeds vs Brentwood mattress comparison to find out! I wasn't sure about this item because it's so much less expensive than brands like TempurPedic, and I really didn't know why that would be. Especially a mattress! I slept in it that evening. 3641199 on wares (2). I got up at 7:30 and feel like I slept until 11:00. Check our Sleep on Latex vs Brentwood mattress comparison to find out! There was a very, very faint chemical smell that disappeared after 24 hours, which I marked down to some sort of supernatural substance evaporating. I still had some back pain the next morning over the first few days, but I realize sleeping on a memory foam is new territory. Allowing you access to our online mattress comparison chart that will put each bed-in-a-box mattress … It is softer than other memory foam setups I have used, making me believe its lower density foam, but it still seems to work well for both myself and my pregnant wife. This option is a white glove delivery service that will run you around $199. So soft, yet firm at the same time. Would highly recommend to keep away from this. Now this may be a result of the difference in densities (which in the Answers section a user quoted Sleep Shop as saying 4 lbs. All the content on this website is free to use. Brentwood Oceano vs WinkBed Synopsis. I sat on the edge of the bed and thought I was going to fall off. AND I AM ABOUT READY TO THOUGH IT IN THE GARBAGE. I was sick to my stomach. It was, however, only "as expected".When my package arrived, the heavy-duty staples had torn out all along the top (or bottom, one) side flaps which were partially open on one end. Medium-firm Feel; Responsive Natural Latex; 3-Zone Pressure Relief ; 7-Zone Support System; Our Cedar Natural Luxe mattress represents the pinnacle of eco-conscious mattress design. :D-----Well after sleeping on it for a while now, I'm beginning to wonder if the lower layers of HD foam aren't starting to 'break in' a little. Yet, I began thinking...another innerspring/memory foam combo? I was really disappointed in the way it was shipped. After only four hours, I made the bed up and slept with my best friend Marley (my dog) the night through - and when the alarm told me to awaken for a new day, I felt really rested and my low back pain was much less than usual. My wife has back issues and I have some shoulder issues and we both need a mattress with lots of support. Took a nap on them myself to test them out. Their biggest attractiveness is the memory foam ability to mold/contour to your body shape better than other materials, therefore yielding greater comfort and translating to better support. But not anymore! Whenever I upgrade to a king, I will be purchasing this mattress again.Well there isn't much I can say because it's already been said. My ENTIRE body would feel like I was tossed into a dryer and even with 8 hours of "sleep" I would feel like I was only getting 2. Pour rechercher une notice, utilisez le moteur de … My mother said it's soft like a "feather". (Actually as good or better than our $3000 king sized icomfort we bought a couple years ago) Customer service was … I will once again update. I always thought I had insomnia or some kind of sleep disorder. Against my better judgement I decided to buy a mattress off of amazon. Shop now for your luxury bedding needs! We simply maneuvered it around as best we could while on the bed, which was not as easy of a process as removing the bag, in order to keep it from constricting the full expansion of the mattress in any way. Brentwood's policy is that we have to dispose of the old mattress. First, it was easy to expand & did reach the full 10 inch mark, Second - there was no odor at all (more natural materials are great), Third - it fit perfectly on a nice sturdy platform bed that we bought, Fourth - the first night we slept great...no having to get used to this. I also slept rather hot on it. If you're even looking at purchasing a memory foam mattress, you've come to the right place. Still, as a good practice, you should replace your mattress every 8 years. I have not had a single issue with any body aches since using it. Also, I live on south Florida, nights can be hot. And it gets a huge personal bonus for being made in the USA.I love this mattress as much now, if not more, than when we first got it. This is not durable at all and the 25 year warranty is bull s***. This mattress comes in either an all-foam or a hybrid model with a medium or medium-firm feel, a woven cover, and charcoal infused memory foam layers to sleep cool. My life is very challenging. I'm in love with my new mattress! My wife is only 115 lbs so our weight is not the problem. I didn't expect anything different here. Nolah Original vs. Brentwood Cypress Mattress Comparison Nolah Original Mattress Brentwood Mattress; Sleep Trial: 120 nights: 365 nights: Warranty: 15 years: 25 years: Free Shipping: Yes: Yes: Firmness Level: 5 out of 10: 7 out of 10: Check price: Check price A Closer Look. No back pain the next day! The Brentwood Home Oceano mattress is their most popular. I have not been waking up with the daily back pain and over all body aches that I had been on the pillow top. Then, my side of the bed would not expand back to normal by the next bed time. Either way, not a deal-breaker for the price, as again, I won't be sleeping on the sides of it.A first, firm push with my hand into the fully expanded mattress left me with the impression that the top "gel-infused HD memory foam" layer was much quicker to return to it's original shape than any other memory foam product I have had experience with (pillows and floor model mattress), and after further comparison, I still agree. Read our unbiased, comprehensive Nest Bedding Latex Vs Brentwood Home Cedar comparison & see what a Mattress Industry Veteran thinks. For those who need support, this mattress is soft, yet firm which is the perfect foundation. First, my parents have tempurpedics and that's when we first decided we must buy a memory foam mattress, but not wanting to spend thousands, we opted for online shopping. This mattress feels more supportive than the "best price" ones we have but I assume its because this is 13" thick vs the others which are 8" & 10".Its only a few weeks old but I am very pleased with its initial quality & comfort. It comes sealed in plastic which is rolled up, then it is rolled in plastic which takes about 10 turns to unwrap. I didn't smell any in fact. The mattresses are put head-to-head so that the reader could easily compare all the different factors & decide quickly. As far as the cooling aspect of it. Topmark Baby Relax bij Babyland. Arrived vacuum packed, and immediately popped up to 9" when the plastic was removed. It is slightly firmer than my serta but not too firm as the wife cant stand a firm mattress and she has told multiple friends how much she likes this mattress. Thanks to winkbed for making my mornings easier. I would consider this mattress to be on the firm side but it has give to it which I really like and need. The only thing I can confirm that I read on the negative side of the reviews is that there WAS an extremely faint chemical smell the first two nights (my husband never smelled it). She then transferred me to the "Large Package" department and I started from zero with that guy. I have slept better in the last several weeks than I have in over two years. !So comfy!! She did say they'd send me a new cover at no cost should I choose to keep the mattress. And no guarantees), we read many online sources and many more reviews and figured hey, for $400 (roughly), we could be sports and give the Brentwood home mattress a try.Both my wife and I get a very good night's sleep on this mattress, and upon waking, find it VERY easy to roll off the bed - as the edges provide so little support they compress and practically POUR you out onto the floor.Similarly, during sex it is ALSO very easy to roll off the bed, anywhere other than dead center in the mattress and you feel like you're going to fall. See the above scale to see how each mattress stacks up. I took a gamble & decided to try out another mattress from Amazon and the brand seemed to be getting good reviews so I went ahead and got myself this 10 inch gel memory foam mattress.The packaging upon arrival was less than spectacular; dented, ripped and tape not all securely holding together but the manufacturer did a good job with all the plastic inside. The Brentwood Home aim is to make your bedroom a healthy and happy place for a good nights rest. Heck, there may even be a pea buried underneath it, but the delicate princess wouldn't be able to tell. They have both all-foam mattresses, latex hybrids, and foam hybrids with layers of pocket coils. I weigh about 120 lbs and it doesn't even mold to my body or sink in when I lay down.I read so many positive reviews before purchasing and the one that stands out is a reference its like sleeping angel bottoms ..I'm not sure what angel bottoms feel like..I would think soft and fluffy. So, my wife and I switched sides. Sleeping on it is really great, from the very first night! It's either thermal or the adhesive is causing some minor chemical damage to the foam (see picture).Comfort - It is incredibly soft. I felt like trying a mattress in a showroom for a minute or so wasn't going to really help me decide. I have a lot of joint issues from the military in my hips, back, knees, and shoulders, and man I was waking up and literally rolling out of bed everyday with my other $1500 name brand mattress. However, she did say that it was just a little too soft.