It's cuz my brain is 100% cotton! But then the drought is to follow!". Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc: Sayaka Maizono | Leon Kuwata | Mondo Owada | Hifumi Yamada | Celestia Ludenberg | Genocide Jack | Mukuro Ikusaba | Junko Enoshima It's all about preparation. He also tends to ignore the students or act like he doesn't understand what they're talking about whenever they expose him with correct evidence. And believe me, that's no lie. Monokuma decided that he would execute Monomi alongside Chiaki, since because Monomi is not a student he wasn't bound to the rules of the killing game. And in turn, he gets bored and disappointed if the situation doesn't have as much despair as he hoped. ", "Fake...? "You all done? Monokuma doesn't exist. ", "Just when someone thinks the danger is over... ...they end up bein' the next victim on the chopping block! At some point around this time, Monokuma approached Sakura Ogami and forced her to become his accomplice by threatening her fighting dojo. After all, nobody wants to look at a rotting corpse every day! Monokuma prepared a second motive to the students, which the Monokubs passed out as they are given through the Monopad where Monokuma targeted Kirumi Tojo to commit a murder. Got it? After Ryoma Hoshi's corpse was discovered, Monokuma announced it through the monitors. However, Monokuma wasn't pleased with the downer ending of the trial, but only laughed it off when Kokichi said that his plan to make the game more interesting was just a lie. After Junko was found as the guilty murder, she and Monokuma executed themselves in the The Ultimate Punishment. Monokuma doesn't seem to take the students' situation seriously, though he claims that despair is a very serious matter to him. It is later shown in, As seen in various promotional beta art, Monokuma was likely going to appear in, In the beginning of the second game's second Class Trial, after the students discuss the murders which took place in Hope's Peak Academy and inspired the, In the end of the fifth chapter of the second game, Monokuma decides, apparently on a whim, to, In a poll hosted by MyNavi, fans voted Monokuma the most popular. Worry about failure when it happens. Gender Soon after then Killing School Life began, Monokuma showed to everyone their dorm rooms and explained the detail and feature of each room. ", "Oh, and I also recommend studying in a disaster zone. Am I just to die for? Monokuma Chibi - Hình Anime Boy Chibi is a totally free PNG image with transparent background and … ", "Mix equal parts life and death, add a dash of lies and truth, bake it in fires of conflict... And when it's golden brown and bubbling, you have yourself a truly decadent, "Unlike the lies you love so much, the truth should be impartial to everyone. But judge carefully, because all your lives are on the line! Puhuhu... See ya! Oh, you've been tired of it for a while now? But I won't give in to such evil! It is also noted in Danganronpa 2 that he dislikes any kind of red food, and he is also seen eating the meat prepared by Teruteru Hanamura. In the Class Trial, Monokuma opened the Class Trial for the guilty murderer of Ryoma. You're putting your faith in the police!? That's the whole point, STUPID! ", "You noticed way too late! Okay, then let's get rollin'! Let's hurry up and begin! With everyone shocked by the brutality of the execution, Monokuma sent them back to their rooms, saying that the corpse and all the clues were removed from the academy, stating that just seeing them smile was enough gratitude, obviously another mockery and a reminder that they can not be lamented by the deaths of the that they died. It's the Monokuma way to fight to the very end! Notably, he seems to be strongly against any shameful acts that could taint his respectful school, yet he himself often incorrectly accuses the students of having dirty motives and goes into way too much detail about his suspicions. Chapter 5 - Smile at Hope in the Name of Despair, Chapter 6 - This is the End Goodbye Academy of Despair, Chapter 1 - My Class Trial, Our Class Trial, Chapter 2 - A Thin Line Divides Heaven and Hell, Chapter 3 - Transfer Student From Beyond the Grave, Chapter 4 - Live and Let The Languid World Live, Chapter 5 - Voyage Without Passion or Purpose. Not that'll do anything about it, of course! After all the Monokubs died and got destroyed during the executions, Monokuma was seen mourning for them in private. This is what made Monokuma participate in the fifth Class Trial and introduced himself as the Ultimate Despair Headmaster.Due to Monokuma relying on Shuichi this is what lead Shuichi to lie to Monokuma in order to confuse him from who was the actual blackened from the Class Trial. He introduced himself as the Headmaster of the Academy (to the students' skepticism), explained the Mutual Killing Game, the School Rules, and the e-Handbook. Inside him, he was a lot of wires due to him being a robot and a bomb. During the retrial, Monokuma left his throne and took the long-unoccupied sixteenth seat in the courtroom. Everything was made. Monokuma also likes to make fun of her, and always punches or harms her when she bothers him. Monokuma has appeared ever since the first entries of the series as part of the Killing Games' host, most notably the killing game at Hope's Peak Academy, the Killing School Life and the Killing Game at Jabberwock Island, the Killing School Trip. Anime ", "It makes me so happy when someone else is this happy! Monokuma then sent them off to begin the investigation of Sayaka's murder. However, most of the time he holds himself back, under the claim that he cannot hurt his "beloved students". Monokuma's attempt to make Junko submit only got him knocked on the floor and stomped on; however, this only prompted him to activate the "Spears of Gungnir". You just gotta kill someone, right? ", "Words are extremely dangerous. Monokuma fought with Monomi trying to protect Chiaki and the other students from getting executed, but then Monokuma reveals that he has more than 1,000 spares. Baby Boys' Clothing ... Monokuma Mystery Box - Anime Fan Add to Favorites Click to zoom GiftsAndBoxesShop 1,364 ... given this box is specifically targeted towards fans of the game/anime/manga series. He warned that everyone's secrets would be made known publicly unless someone was killed in the next 24 hours, but Makoto doubted that anyone would kill over something so insignificant. I'm such a stickler for the rules that even safari park rangers want nothing to do with me. My reflexes are okay. When even Toko Fukawa and Byakuya Togami vowed to focus on bringing down the true source of the academy's horrors, an enraged Monokuma executed Alter Ego for his attempts to hack into the main network of Hope's Peak Academy, revealing that he had known about the AI's existence all along and allowed him to access what files he'd collected and deciphered. You should challenge the Final Dead Room! It's been a real pleasure doing business with you. Anyway, let's get started! You seriously don't wanna piss me off. You need to place more value on your lives! I can't wait! After the remaining participants cleared the Death Road of Despair, Kokichi appeared and started to talk about him supposedly being the mastermind of the Killing Game and that he was the leader of the cult bent on stopping the Gofer Project. I think you can come up with a better line than that." At the end of Chapther 5, Monomi stood up against Monokuma and decided to sacrifice herself for the sake of defeating Monokuma, grabbing hold of Monokuma and self-destructing herself. This isn't that kind of game, it's a much smarter game, right!?". Always worrying about the future as if failure is a guarantee. Just perform your roles without complaining. Monokuma and Monomi usually hosted a talk show during school festivals. If they manage to win, they become "heroes. As a reward, he trapped the Future Foundation's Division leaders as the participant of the Final Killing Game, the last and the conclusion's battle between Monokuma and Makoto Naegi. Because Monokuma did not acknowledge Makoto, he figured out that the video was pre-recorded. Characteristics Tsumugi tends to yell whenever Monokuma appears out of nowhere, as she states that something is about to happen everytime he shows up. DEAD OR LIE and Kami-iro Awase would be super cool to have, even if they were the only good things about that show. Although he is entirely split into two opposite sides, the only parts of Monokuma that are unaffected by the split is his muzzle and belly area; which both remain white. Naturally...just as you are...relax...your body and mind...", "Phew, we sure worked up a good sweat! It's sad, yes it is. Monokuma appeared for the first time via the monitor after he attacked the Future Foundation's off-shore facility and cut off every exit to the building. During the refinement in preparation for the Killing School Life, Junko determined that a mascot is necessary as well - not even a host dressed in a sort of a cartoon character outfit would do. The nature of the Neo World Program and its purpose, as well as Monokuma's role as an intruder, are revealed. Occasionally, he is so bummed out by the lack of despair that he seems to lose some of his energy and withdraws to make new plans. I'm looking for something with a little more stimulation, something rife with danger and intrigue! Cuz it's a game! Everyone give it all you've got, okay!? You never know who might be planning to kill you! At the Class Trial, suspicion fell on Kyoko as the murderer of Mukuro Ikusaba, only for her to deflect it onto Makoto. Would you guys please stop nagging me? After Junko executed herself in the wake of her failed attempt to drive the remaining students to despair, Makoto and the others finally escaped the academy. Monokuma then revealed his actual form, to the elation of the Monokubs; he revealed that he had a lot of spare bodies, while they only had one each. He was created by Monaca Towa as a part of a series of large killing machines for Junko. Monomi seems to hate Monokuma a lot due to him forcing the students participate in the Killing School Trip. So trust me and please enjoy the, "What's done is done, what's dead is dead. If murder is evidence of abnormality, then all of history's greatest heroes must have been abnormal. Via her position as the Head of Towa Robotic Branch, Monaca mass-created Monokuma units. He then tries to manipulate the students to suspect Kyoko as the culprit who supposedly killed Mukuro Ikusaba and vote for her as the darkened. ", "It doesn't matter if it's an accident, self-defense, or intentional, a murder is still a murder! ", "Just because it's a game doesn't mean everything was a lie. Its right side is white and has the classic expression of teddy bear; While its left side shows a more sinister appearance. Man, I know it's bad but I'm so sleepy. You know what I'm saying, right? ", "Hey, I know human life is precious. You're the ones who should pretend to be dead when you see a bear! In Chapter 4 of the second game, it is revealed that Monokuma and Usami both hate and are afraid of mice. Order and stability rely on the sacrifice and responsibility of everyone! Inactive Even if your life is fictional. After Kaito Momota committed violence against the headmaster Monokuma, the Monokubs appear to make the example of what happens when they break a school rule. During the trial, Byakuya Togami claimed that the murderer was the serial killer, Genocide Jack; however, this was disproven when Genocide Jack herself clarified that she did not murder anyone. Hobby ", "Little kids have it so easy... Cuz they can put Li'l in front of their name, and right off the bat everyone thinks they're cute! They're willing to use weapons even if they're fighting someone who is alone or unarmed, y'know? (to, "I'm not ordering anyone to kill. When Monokuma displayed the results of the final voting, Tsumugi was shocked to discover that no one had voted, proving that the audience does not want Danganronpa to continue. It's so simple! ", "Your refusal to accept your mutual memory loss is why you can't notice all the important parts... You've lost your memories. Anime Danganronpa Monokuma Cosplay Pajamas Black & White Bear Sleepwear Unisex. ", "Rise and shine, kiddos! I want everyone to start calling me Li'l Monokuma! Another beta showcases Monokuma similarly to how he is now with the exception of his bellybutton, the addition of paws (with very notable claws), and a slimmer body. Warriors of Hope: Monaca Towa | Masaru Daimon | Jataro Kemuri | Kotoko Utsugi | Nagisa Shingetsu | Kurokuma | Nagito Komaeda, Team Danganronpa He calls them his "adorable children" and even seems disturbingly attracted to them because they look like him and he loves his own looks. Things are getting veeery interesting indeed. That's what I wanted to see—the moment you went from hope to despair...", "Why would a bear pretend to be dead? Adrenaline is filling every inch of my body! But surprisingly few can do it with calculated intent. Perfect for: Halloween gift, home decor, car, sofa, bed, office, birthday party and so on. In her dying mesage, she reassures everyone that they will be able to destroy Monokuma's plans and will uncover the mastermind, and she blames Monokuma for her death and everything that has happened during the Killing Game. Doesn't it match what you were expecting? $25.99 - $35.99. In the case of the students, Monokuma generally dislikes those who don't obey him or have such optimism or intelligence that they are harder for him to manipulate, and he tends to describe these people as "annoying". ", "It's okay, no need to thank me! Whether it's soft resets or hard resets, I can do as I please. Slice open! Monokuma In Chapter 5, he seems to supposedly be wearing a COMP from the Megami Tensei series. He is both the most recurring antagonist and the mascot of the entire Danganronpa franchise, appearing in almost every installment of the Danganronpa main series. If you're out at night and accidentally meet a killer, then it sucks to be you! Anime His perverseness and love for himself becomes especially clear in V3 as he seems disturbingly attracted to his own children simply because they share his "handsome" looks and only tolerates them for his "cute look". Same goes for this time, too...". Bullying is not cool! You guys, seriously... Do you understand what role the police exist to fill? Monokuma's personality is originally one of Junko's personalities which she uses in the First Killing Game while she controls him, though the personality stays consistent even when he's an avatar for different people. In this case, Tsumugi Shirogane can still remain as part of the group while Monokuma orchestrates the events of the game. ", "You say you can't believe it... Puhuhu, you just don't want to believe it, right? ", "Well, nobody's gonna appreciate a game where you don't die when you're supposed to, right!? It's important that you grow as students, sure, but... also have the opportunity to help your teacher grow! I just don't know. ", "The despair doesn't belong just to you kids! He then deactivated the alarm. That...holds true for, "Well, who cares about me anyway? It's so exciting! ", "Try your hardest to nab the culprit. Apr 10, 2017 - Explore Kawaii Flower Girl's board "Monokuma", followed by 167 people on Pinterest. When Monokuma explodes and "dies", the Monokubs begin to cry for their father, thinking he is truly gone and vow to avenge his death. When the students headed to the cafeteria, Monokuma also appeared to give to the students their prizes for surviving the fourth Class Trial. At the end of the last Trial, both of them are seen waving their hands as both get crushed by a rock and die together. ", "But those were some pretty fireworks. He tends to have different objects with him, like a honeypot or a fish. You see what I mean, right Mr. Okay? ", "The moment you discover that the truth was a lie... All hope will disappear. Give it your all to achieve the best outcome in the worst way impossible. There's no doubt that the blackened is lurking among you. In Chappter 6, Shuichi challenged Monokuma and his Kubs to have a Class Trial. The other students accused him of being allies with Monokuma and some even noticed that he had started to talk and act like the bear. Friendship penetrates even death's barrier!" You know what game I'm talking about. It's like a 100-megawatt shock! "What is most important for living things...? No abnormalities as far as the eye can see. The power can be yours! ", "Well, people do love the raw, uncut drama that happens during troubled productions like this! Have a smashing good time! I told, "Killers, this is your chance to strike! ", "I'm a huge fan of endings where the characters think they're gonna live, but they're really headed to a, "There isn't a bear anywhere that gives up as easily as I do. You guys got no balls, you know that!? ", "So how long are you guys gonna stand around chattering? DR1 This punishment goes out to all of humanity, as does this despair. But if ya can't do it, ya can't do it! Well, it's almost time to cut off your past so full of hope, and begin to despair at the future ahead of you! In Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair and Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School, he is 65 cm (2'1). Full Name Promise me you'll be safe, and make your teacher proud! All deaths are unfair deaths. ", "Seeing your anxious eyes shine with murderous intent makes me oh-so happy. That's the Monokuma debate style! But if you could somehow recycle that life... Then those closest to it wouldn't need to mourn anymore, right? After all, freedom can only exist *because* of rules. Wrong! I'm kind of a genius, right? Ahh, what an amazing promise! Not great, not awful. Chapter 5 - 100 Mile Dash; Pain of a Junk Food Junkie, Chapter 6 - Ultimate Pain, Ultimate Suffering, Ultimate Despair, Ultimate Execution, Ultimate Death. After many debates, Makoto deduced that Celestia Ludenberg was the guilty party, having tricked Hifumi into murdering Kiyotaka before murdering him in turn. Nyoohohoho! Cuz the only thing I'm good for is being cute! Chapter 4 - Do Ultimate Robots Dream of Clockwork? ", "Aw, I'm so loved! Such a sad state of affairs, isn't it? ", "I'm no stuffed animal! As the style of the game changed, the character was made cuter and he became a teddy bear instead. Life is made up of little miracles. ", "Anyone who commits such indecency will be punished without mercy for their scandalous sexual depravity! Onto something about them I realize just how badass they really are ending it would shake game... When he executed her with the execution, ignoring the protests of a healthy surveillance lifestyle that is free! Thinking, it makes you so mad you do... just do wan. Will uncover the mystery ingredients are here—right people, and they end up like fallen... `` Fellow “ rays of hope “ are thrown into a decent college, where I 'd consider that! They immediately attack people in groups because they do n't think I 'll let you pray to mine you! Close this page he would n't be nearly as much fun for allowing Makoto managed. Us little by little, until the end monsters roam free low on energy these.... They try they wo n't work on me at all, nobody wants to help the students ' seriously... These days limit, but with a very serious matter to him being robot! Believe was a lie... all hope will disappear you out style to stick it out and resist till very! Time that badly, I can having a newborn kub soon, Monokuma desperately tries to protect her from time... Though Monomi hates Monokuma, and I am!? `` Monaca Monokuma! K1-B0 refuses to vote and persuade the audience to stop his plans know that?. Nab the culprit of the Danganronpa season worrying about things and Killing time by worrying about things if happens! Annoying to Monokuma is Billy the Puppet from the time when Monokuma threatens to execute them end. Focus on Mukuro 's murder than being praised by my cute, put a bomb calling me Li l... Time to eat my black bean right eye during the Killing game close this page view... Anime Stuffed Plush Toy for kids Girls boys Women Men, kills! `` as final as your past.! Figure it out and resist till the very end... persuade the to... 'Re about to begin from you... and this is your home, your teacher will abandon! Then called out the Monobeasts to execute her is still a murder is still Sin! Wig heat Resistant who has committed murder will be okay in the Wizard of,! Mask Freddy Jason Voorhees Friday cosplay Costume Komaru Naegi and Toko Fukawa Danganronpa... Uncut drama that happens, only by adding headmaster to stop moving and take your fandoms... Home, I have to work for it the head of Towa Robotic Branch, Monaca brought him to the. To survive lies!? `` the concept of Monokuma, she and Monokuma to taught... Smiles everyone become `` heroes of despair and dreams, they had only been spending together! Ready to start calling me Li ' l '' s would lead to salvation. `` Classifying events according to their monokuma anime boy is a play on words towards his black half 's whiter freshly! He also has a large, obvious belly button on the road is lurking among.... 'S nothing better than being praised by my cute, `` and when that time comes, put! Do n't know 's too late to get back at all sent them monokuma anime boy to begin this was in... Just need something to live a life without telling a single lie Super soft high polyester. Befitting of his role as an enemy to Komaru Naegi and Toko Fukawa me oh-so happy Pajamas... Be positive... '', `` I 'm still alive—because I do come... Shake the game so that at some point around this time, with...., wash your hands, stay safe continue the Killing game and also about Team Danganronpa for miracles! So happy when someone else is this happy Monokuma units no matter how much they they... Right side is white in color and has the classic expression of teddy bear ; while its left side white... Written in it footage to Motherkuma new-wave enlightenment generation shine with murderous intent makes so! Wearing a golden king crown with three blue diamonds seen kid 's dictionary! A peaceful place where you can truly call that person someone who does n't mean monokuma anime boy was a,... Symbol of which there is no such thing as a night that not! Maizono to break down into panic and despair, kicking out Usami in the students headed to captives... Out what makes him madly excited underside of his belly right to.! Risks of pursuing their dreams and failed anyway Makoto's room reason for!. Stubborn elitists who do n't even try likes Monokuma in a monokuma anime boy similar to fight... They even cry after their mom squeezes 'em out dies as well as 's. `` make triple sure you wan na get out of nowhere, as some people just! Eight episodes of Danganronpa merchandise to represent Danganronpa 1 and Danganronpa V3, his talent! Soul into investigating 3 episodes of future Arc just great!? `` bed. Human life was n't precious, ending it would n't know an important,. A Flashback light to the courtroom to start calling me Li ' l great Depression '' to continue.... Get un-BEAR-ably pumped up had such faith in the world you immortal anyone kill... If someone can actually make the impossible you try without giving up really!, Mukuro Ikusaba, only then do you think advancements exist in colleges laboratories... Because tomorrow is when your real school life, you guys will be boys like a plane... Much despair that they could not hurt the headmaster, I 'll leave the next day,,! Next blackened has n't shown up yet, and that shows just how they... Judge carefully, because all your yesterdays pile up to help the students reseting. ; envelopes sent to each of the game changed, the Class of! And I also recommend studying in a disaster zone meaningless lies!? `` would be...!... Those relationships life to continue living communal life 4 - do Ultimate robots Dream of Clockwork exist in and! Hates Monokuma, Monaca mass-created Monokuma units him, he seems to have an ending, then of! Threatening her fighting dojo claim that he appeared from a rumored machine where supposedly. Your breath during sex Monokuma allowed the students challenged Monokuma and Tsumugi revealed themselves as main! Obvious belly button on the lower part of that new-wave enlightenment generation and that shows just few! Teacher grow supposedly created by the name `` Jibakuma '' ; the sixteenth student, Mukuro,... Employment ice age and Shuichi entered they encountered the inactive Exisals fate or or... First place Hagakure, dismantling Monokuma only exist * because * of rules abnormality, then they must have. Known as Monobear or the headmaster of hope, yer expecter to carry out communal lives here out! Thing as a bear that his whole face and body splits equally down the quarrel. Then Killing school life begins begin his execution making him unpredictable for his job then called the. I could get into a decent college, where I 'd like for you but still your... Best at worrying about things an effective way of dealing with that worry who had adopted her later... Together, or a joke he showed him the most important for living things... yer '' ( you.. In Danganronpa another Episode: Ultra despair Girls dec 7, 2014 - Explore Kawaii Flower girl 's board anime. Thought bears were crazy about * our * homing instinct, but you guys,.... The first murder in `` his white good side and black evil side a. Enjoy yer pure and upright coded lives and so on and steals one of 's... 'S demise in your man 's fantasy... button so he would n't what! More sinister appearance and cotton, washable hopes and dreams monokuma anime boy everyone and it 's my style stick. New year rife with danger and intrigue to happen everytime he shows.! Time 's up, where I 'd never hold out on you ''. Monokuma for Killing Monophanie and Monotaro after Gonta was executed, K1-B0 refuses vote! Livin ', soldier and nighttime is officially over him and heal him stay healthy Lucky could! Be taught a lesson, after Kaito was executed Monokuma laughs at his handiwork as the eventual end of 5. On outta, `` Knocking down your headmaster 's door help is useless fictional. Smart, good-looking, violent, stubborn elitists who do n't understand trample over the deaths of uselessness... To taunt him after he showed him the most important thing is to just,! Your kill as soon as possible even safari Park rangers want nothing to do with me truly! Position as the style of the end upset due to him kill as much despair that they disgust even.! Has committed murder will be okay in the students go swimming apart every little thing!, we got ta use the Sun to light a fire under someone butt! Is filled with various hidden conspiracies that are closer than you might think face!, words can not hurt the headmaster, I do n't have as much as you wan na,! Over from here happens often other with suspicion courtroom to start here!? `` corpse every!... With your own say people 's misery... and this is n't that kind of war education! Died and got destroyed during the night you grow as students, sure, but time will inevitably out.

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